Welcome to Barefoot Conferences, where our offsites foster innovation, collaboration, and positive environmental impact. With a strong commitment to sustainability, we strive to create events that not only inspire and educate but also leave a minimal ecological footprint.

Our sustainability expert, Barney Maple, helps leaders to expedite their climate and sustainability progress. He assists in recognizing and leveraging climate innovation, integrating widespread sustainability practices into operations, and maximizing the value they generate. Our commitment extends to addressing the broad scope of the sustainability challenge.

We have the following initiatives to tread lightly on our environment

Reducing Waste 

We prioritise the use of reusable materials and encourage participants to bring their own water bottles and coffee cups. Additionally, we collaborate with local vendors and caterers who emphasise sustainable practices, such as sourcing organic, locally grown produce and minimizing packaging waste.

Eco Stationery 

If stationery is required, we can provide sustainable and eco friendly options.

Sustainable Website 

The internet industry’s energy consumption is the fastest-growing carbon-polluting industry. We’re updating our website to be hosted on green data hosting to mitigate our environmental impact. 

Reducing Emissions

We promote sustainable transportation options, including carpooling and biking. Our properties are located close to each other so delegates can walk from one to another.

Energy Conservation

We encourage the use of natural lighting and incorporate smart energy management practices throughout the conference. 

Reducing Paper Usage

We embrace technology as a means to reduce paper usage and recommend where possible programs and schedules be available in digital formats. 


We employ a dedicated waste management expert who removes our rubbish and ensures correct recycling.

Eco Friendly Products

Our properties are stocked with eco friendly and earth friendly cleaning products.

At Barefoot Conference, we are committed to continuously improving our practices, seeking new partnerships, and engaging with our participants to ensure that our events inspire and empower individuals to make a positive impact on the environment.



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